What is a hotel with the prefix "eco"?

If you have not had time to get acquainted with the hotel-restaurant complex "Aquarius" offer is immediately corrected! Just Like real Lviv coffee or herbal tea, eat, enjoy the fresh air with the smell of pine needles. Taste specialties eco-grill. This place is perfect for both everyday meals and for a big family holiday. Relax in full you help our comfortable hotel rooms, executed in the best traditions of eco-design. In the changing dynamics of modern life traveler especially important priority when choosing a hotel was the notion of «well being» (ease of stay).Our eco-grill - hotel and restaurant с is this: a cozy, comfortable, ecological and interesting. It is located in the forest area of the city, in the village Bryukhovychi ten kilometers from the city center
For over ten years, our friendly staff takes care to a tourist trip, during a holiday or a business trip, you feel at home. Eco-grill-hotel-restaurant "Aquarius" is known among visitors to its fundamental beliefs to use organic products and materials donated to us by nature. It attracts not only our compatriots, but many foreign visitors. Our hotel and restaurant have the following advantages:

● food, consists entirely of natural food;
● firewood burning cooking (grill, barbecue);
● the use of ecological materials in the regeneration area of the building and interior
● accommodation in the picturesque area of natural beauty;
● activities in accordance with the principle of friendly neighborhood environment;
● sorting and recycling of waste;
● alternative power sources.

They provide recreation complex "Aquarius" status as one of the best ecological hotels of the city.

Creating eco-grill-hotel-restaurant "Aquarius", we observed 5 basic principles of eco-design:
Contact with nature These things Tradition and color Simplicity, clarity, inspiration
What will remain after me?

The interior design and hotel-restaurant complex "Aquarius" were developed and implemented a designer Taras Turiansky.Unique recreation complex in 3 floors built of stone and wood in alpine style chalets."Aquarius" - former Austro-Hungarian manor in Bryukhovychi converted into a modern hotel and restaurant complex. Precise structure, built
in a forest glade, bathed in green summer and winter beautifully covered in snow. Territory and interior decorated in an original ethnic style. All elements of decoration are made exclusively from natural materials: stone, wood, metal and glass. Here you can feel the real holiday in the lap of beautiful nature, the singing of birds.Together with your family and friends, relax from everyday affairs! In the hotel-restaurant complex "Aquarius" can be memorable to celebrate anniversaries, weddings and children's parties. Additional services in hotel The hotel - Eco-grill restaurant, parking, Wi-Fi and unforgettable holiday atmosphere and comfort. The structure of the hotel and restaurant complex "Aquarius" includes:
- 26 deluxe "suite" and "standard"
- fireplace room for 85 persons
- a banquet hall for 40 persons
- vip-hall for 20 persons
- dancing,
- Pub
- gazebos,
- children's playground
- parking.

The convenient location and comfortable halls and hotel rooms, complex fully justified as a transit business hotel and hotel for families. For visitors and tour groups who want to spend the night in Lviv, we offer food, which only consists of natural food cooked on the firewood, and various activities: tours, wine cordials own production, barbecue and barbecue parties, various workshops and quests.

- Eco-grill restaurant with a special cooking (most of the menu - dishes prepared on the wood barbecues and ets.);
- architectural interior and exterior design by designer-architect T. Turyanska;
- good accommodation in a beautiful pine forest;
- a high level of service and professional staff;
- cozy and comfortable rooms, made of wood array in ethnic style;
- independent heating and water supply.

Which Lviv hotels are not like the others? "AQUARIUS"!
In the lap of nature much better! Eco Grill hotel restaurant ( "Aquarius") offers rest and comfort of coniferous forest in harmony with nature. Compare prices to book a hotel in Paris? Do not miss the opportunity to immerse themselves in the beauty of the ancient forest on the west and breathe its healthy air at reasonable prices! Here you will spend an unforgettable holiday celebrate event and nice spend time with business partners. We provide you warmth and comfort, as all our visitors take the most expensive guests!





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Additionalservices hotel

There is an eco-grill restaurant, parking, Wi-Fi and an unforgettable atmosphere of celebration and comfort.



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Hall for 85 people



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Of the hotel and restaurant complex "AQUARIUS» include:

26 class rooms
"Junior" and "Standard"

Fireplace hall for 85 people

Banquet hall for 40 people

VIP-hall for 20 people

Dance floor