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image All our life — a combination of little things that make it bright and happy! Creating eco-grill-hotel-restaurant «Aquarius» restaurant, hotel staff put a lot of effort not depriving attention to every detail to create an atmosphere of harmony and comfort for your holiday.

Restaurant gladly accepts applications for service and the travel companies, from corporate clients.

Groups can charge 60-70 people. The residence time of the leisure complex groups is not limited. The hotel complex is located in the forest area of Lviv — Bryukhovychi


— An unforgettable holiday for friends and relatives! A specially composed menu and a delicious cake will not leave anyone indifferent!
— Coffee break, lunch, dinner are an integral part of any business event. Upon completion of the official part, we are ready to organize a banquet or buffet for you.
— A new effective training format for top managers and business owners, as well as business communication in a relaxed atmosphere over a cup of coffee or a gourmet dinner.
— Eco-hotel «Aquarius» will be happy to provide any playgrounds for master classes and fun holidays on a significant day, as well as a special children’s menu!
— An ideal place for annual corporate holidays of any scale. Gourmet dishes from the chef and a large selection of drinks! Hotel confectioners will skillfully make a cake with the symbols of your company.


Eco-grill-hotel-restaurant «Aquarius» — carefully and efficiently, responsibly and professionally to quickly provide all necessary:

● accommodation;

● comprehensive nutrition;

● excursion program;

● various entertainment;

● placing near the picturesque forest;

● the ecological food;

● a network of wi-fi;

● transfers (optional).


Services group provides significant discounts (depending on size of group and length of stay). Hotel and restaurant complex The hotel complex of rest «Aquarius» consists of 26 rooms, eco-restaurant barbecue, gazebo, playground and parking. All buildings and facilities of the hotel built from natural, environmentally friendly materials in ethnic style. Visitors and tour groups offer food that gives our restaurant: Ukrainian dishes and European cuisine from natural products made on firewood. Our eco-grill restaurant has two banquet halls, one of which features a large fireplace and a pub — enough space so that even the largest groups! In the cozy scene in the restaurant can accommodate experienced musicians will please guests with live music. Members of tourist groups to visit the city establishments where live music can enjoy it in our hospitable complex! Advantages “Aquarius” always very welcomes not only for small but also for large tourist groups. This large groups for stays of 3 days, the hotel will offer a free one-day sightseeing tours around Lviv.

And most importantly — we have a parking lot for buses! In the complex «Aquarius» offers a diverse leisure interesting: not only tours and tasting and various liqueurs own production, barbecue parties, fish and sweet ear Kettle on fire, and more. So we know how to entertain visitors who come on holiday to the city. In addition, the area is constantly a network of wi-fi — nothing hurts leisure or work in their room. As a result of a long period of activity we have become experts in tourist groups who come to visit Lviv. Hotels in eco-area — is the best way to make a memorable trip and stay in the city — comfortable. Looking for where to celebrate the event in a circle of friends or team? This place definitely exists in eco-grill-hotel-restaurant «Aquarius»! There is an atmosphere of celebration and at the same time comfort.Sleek and unobtrusive interior, many options for accommodating guests, good textile decoration and floral accents create a special mood. Staff restaurant serves impeccably tables and exquisite dishes of European and Ukrainian cuisine will make your evening enjoyable.We do have everything for a good holiday! In addition, you can stay in one of 26 comfortable rooms — feel the real pleasure of relaxation and recreation. Follow our social network page or «News» and the first to learn about our
regular promotions and discounts!

We not only delicious — we are profitable! Eco-grill-hotel-restaurant «Aquarius» is always ready to help in carrying out any holiday. Our restaurant gladly invites you to spend your most important events for us! The holiday — a time for rest. — table and decoration should engage professionals (qualified staff, cooks virtuoso, skilled decorators); — the venue has to satisfy the needs of your celebration. This warmly offers «Aquarius» is located in Bryukhovychi where you will find the famous architectural design architect designer Taras Turyanska. The entire interior is made of environmentally friendly materials in ethnic style.


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